World Cup Final – Holland vs Spain…

here I come!!! I am going to the World Cup final in Johannesburg!!! I can’t believe it! I woke up this morning, ecstatic about Spain’s victory over Germany and put it in my mind that I wanted to be at the final, the first one in Spain’s history. If there is a will, there is a way. I managed to get my ticket from a Uruguay fan who obviously didn’t want to go to the game anymore as his team lost in the Semi-Final. I was in the right place at the right time. Now I have to make plans of getting to Johannesburg, which is a 20 hour drive! Thank you God. I am a very very very lucky and happy boy! Vamos España, a por ellos!



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10 responses to “World Cup Final – Holland vs Spain…

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  2. Peter Reynolds

    The World Cup has been fantastic. Now I understand why I hate English football.

    Holland to win!

  3. I knew it!!!!!!!!

    Dave eventually has your bag. I have almost finished packing. Guys from work gave me 2 awesome books and a replica of the catálogo of our Català per a persones adultes books we’ve just finished with our jokes and a dictionary of ‘menorquí-cardoní’. Really really funny. I cried of laughter! I am gonna miss them.

    I am not only supporting them when they win. You know how I feel about my country and I am not gonna celebrate it with a flag in my hands or wearing any t-shirt, but I do want them to win and I’ll be really happy when that happens on Sunday.

    Miss you. Wish I could be in that stadium with you.

  4. Patricia

    Hi Dani,

    Lucky you!!! Amazing.
    I really hope you can celebrate this time. I won’t forget your words about starting and finishing a World Cup 🙂
    I keep my fingers crossed and will think of you. I can imagine how nervous you’ll be – nothing compared to the match Switzerland – Spain…

    take care and enjoy it.

  5. Rafa

    Vamos Stone!!! nos la llevamos seguro!! (vuelve pronto!)

  6. javi

    Buenas tito,
    ¿te sabes esta cancion de manolo escobar?
    La la la la la la la, que villa españa!
    un abrazo y disfruta!!!!

  7. Pablo

    Palometeee!!! Enhorabuena tio que suerte!! Por lo que leo estas viviendo una experiencia unica asi que disfrutala al maximo. Abrazos desde bcn y a por ellos mañana!!!

  8. You will never forget July 11th of 2010 🙂

  9. Cristina Mataix

    Buenas Rubio,

    Ya me contó Pablo que pudiste ver el partido en directo. Qué suerte! Seguro que tienes mucho que explicar.

    Desde aquí nos conformamos con verlo por la TV, pero si que podemos contar la “locura roja” que se está viviendo estos días.

    Hace un par de semanas recibimos tu postal en la ofi. Nos hizo mucha ilusión! Gracias!

    Disfruta lo que te queda! See you soon :):)

  10. Hi Pete, thanks for your comment. I agree with some of the things in your article although I do find the Premiership interesting, mainly due to the influx of foreign players over the years that have changed our game.
    Hi Maria, you are right, the 11th of July 2010 will never be forgotten!
    Hi Pat, it was amazing to have seen the first game and the last. Thanks to you we were there for the first game. I owe you big time!!! 🙂
    Rafa, la copa es nuestra!!! Pronto estoy allí contigo campeón. Solo me quedan dos semanas…
    Javi, vaya alegría, somos los campeones del mundo!!! Espero que lo celebraste a lo grande en Almeria. Nos vemos pronto. Un abrazo.
    Hola Palomo, se me ha ido el tiempo volando, no puedo creer que ya pronto volveré a Barcelona. Ha sido una pasada. Y ir a la final y ganar…no tengo palabras. Espero que todo bien por allí. Un abrazo!
    Matajo, Estoy seguro que lo celebraste a lo grande por allí también. Estar en el partido fue increíble! Me alegro que recibisteis la postal, me contó Edu que lo tenéis colgado en el gran mapa del mundo. 🙂 Nos vemos por Barcelona pronto canija.

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