Happy Birthday Papa and Pictures

Happy Birthday my old man! Hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy watching the World Cup Kicking-Off. If they show any FanZones of Cape Town on TV, look out for me, I will be there in the mixer 🙂 Also wish Nana Polly a Happy Birthday from me for yesterday, I hadn’t forgotten.

Here you have a few pictures I managed to upload. There aren’t many but as Internet is so slow here it’s all I could do for now:




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12 responses to “Happy Birthday Papa and Pictures

  1. Edu

    Finally you uploaded some pictures!!!! Vaya barba que me llevas palomito! 🙂

    Records i abraçades desde Barcelona my friend

  2. marichu

    eso, eso vaya barba hijito…los del taliban te van a temer!!!!!
    Thanks for the call this morning, papa was so happy….
    Pierre just send me his number so here it is:
    He is really looking forwards to seeing you!!
    enjoy the match today
    love you zillionsxxxxxxxxxxxxxx cuidaté mama

  3. I told you, you look like a muslim and you told me you wanted to look like one, haha.

  4. I am glad you like the beard Edi! I saw the post you published on your blog, thanks for that! I tried to write a comment on it but it doesn’t seem to have gone through, do you enable comments on your blog? Good luck with the Barca elections today my friend, and please tell the new guy to stay away from Cesc for me. Cheers Buddy!

    Thanks for that mum, i will get in contact with Pierre once we have set off on our journey. So that you know I will be leaving Cape Town on Monday afternoon and I won’t be back here till Thursday evening. Going to be a hectic week with lots of driving, it takes 15 hours to get from Cape Town to Durban but we will be stopping in different places. I hope you have been joining papa watching the football. Missing you lots mother.

    Well done on the magazine Maria, you should be very proud of yourself!! I am trying to make the most of my time out here as it will soon be over. As you can see my beard is still here and by the time I get back to Barcelona it will probably be down to my knees. Ha ha Make sure you are not working too hard. Besos

  5. Dave

    Hey Dan, we had the team presentation on Saturday cheeks won player of the year but from talking to most people they wanted to vote for u but could not cause you were not there! we all know u should have one, what kind of player takes a blow and gets up asking what “position he is playing in”. I seen the photos u look really happy and in your mode im Happy for u! Anyways big D missing u take care while ur out there and keep enjoying yourself!Give Pierre a big hug from me!

  6. Cristina Mataix


    Qué bueno verte la cara de nuevo!

    Aquí las brujas de la oficina (Aida, Sol y yo), nos hemos pegado unas risas con tus barbas 😛

    Espero que sigas subiendo más fotos!

    Un abrazo

  7. Edu

    Hey Stoney!

    Gracias por avisarme con lo de los comentarios en mi blog. Había un problemilla pero now it’s solved!

    Finally Sandro Rosell has won the elections… I’m sorry for you and all the Gunners but everything suggests that Cesc we will seen in the Camp Nou next year…

    By the way, how was the game?

    Cheers mate!

  8. Hi Dave, can’t believe the results so far. Of the two games I went to see I didn’t even see us score one goal! Wish you were there with me, was great to at least be in the stadium to watch it live. Let me know when you are moving into your new flat and the new address so I can send you a postcard from here. Missing you bro.

    Matajo, vaya brujas que soys!!! Cuando pueda subire mas fotos. Que pases una buena semana en Can Potts. un abrazo.

    Edi, can’t believe Spain lost! Will try and write a post about it. England were even worse against Algeria. Didn’t even get to celebrate 1 goal! Speak soon my friend.

  9. My clumsy moment of the week: I downloaded all the episodes of Los Soprano (6 seasons) and I don’t know what I did… but they’ve vanished from my external hard drive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I might download them again… buf!

  10. Pub Perspectives talks about the book! http://publishingperspectives.com/?p=17355&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+PublishingPerspectives+%28Publishing+Perspectives%29

    British cover (the one I have) is far better than this one. I may have time to read it!

  11. anais

    Hi Dan, am at work with a very sore knee (from playing football)!!! hahaha n u popped into my mind.. miss u and hope u are still having a great time.. spain are playing tonight and unfortunatly im unable to watch it however knowing u are going to be watching it giving ur full support and having a good time makes me feel abit better. i now have 10days left in barca and im feeling extremely sad as i dont want to leave!!!!!! anyways dan hope all is well…miss u xxx

  12. Looking forward to reading it Maria, sounds lika a very interesting book.

    Ana, what you doing playing football? That is very odd coming from you!! Make the most of your last week in Barcelona. I am sure after your last year at uni you will want to come back to live in Spain and we will all be close together once again 🙂 Love you lots.

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