The Adventure Begins

The day has arrived. It is Thursday the 6th of May 2010, 4.48h UK time. As I write this post I am currently sat in Dubai airport about to board my second plane of the day with my final destination being Cape Town, South Africa.

I decided I would embark on this adventure in November 2008. Before I made my definite decision to move to South Africa for 3 months, moving to Africa was something I only imagined, but never thought I would actually go through with. The day I have been waiting for for the last year and a half has arrived and it is hard to make sense of what is going through my mind at this moment in time.

My nerves suddenly kicked-in about 8 hours ago when I was queueing to check-in onto the plane that took me from London to Dubai. The only thought that was going through my mind was “what if I wasn’t allowed on the plane for some reason or another?”, “what if the moment I have been waiting for for so long was just suddenly taken away from me?”. My heart was beating at a million miles per hour. It was my turn. I got to the check-in desk. The lady observed my passport. Those 3 minutes seemed to last an eternity. She gave me the OK. After that tense moment, I was on my way to the boarding gate, as cool as a cucumber and with a big smile on my face, ready for Africa.

The adventure began a week ago (last Thursday) when it suddenly began to sink in that I was moving away from Barcelona. It’s the day I had to empty the flat I have lived in for almost 4 years now, the longest I have lived in one place since moving away from my parents home seven and a half years ago. Had it not been for my parents’ help during this past week, to sort out the move and manage to fit furniture and boxes of a whole flat in 4 square metres, I would never have managed alone. It is in times like this that you really value those that are really close to you and there when you need them.

After the empty flat, the next thing that ensured I was well aware my adventure had begun was saying goodbye to those closest to me. I am only going away for three months and I am sure I have been more than 3 months without seeing most of my loved ones over the years, but this was different. When saying goodbye I had that feeling of emptiness inside, a knot in my throat, words not wanting to come out. It seemed like I was going away for an eternity…

If I have managed to publish this post I have arrived in Cape Town safe and sound 🙂



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5 responses to “The Adventure Begins

  1. Ronnie

    Hi Dan,
    glad to know you have arrived at your destination safe and sound.I love your blog and will be following it closely.I am very proud of you my son and my prayers are with you (as always) for the next three adventurous months.As you know time goes so fast and can’t wait for anybody, so enjoy, take care and what you can do today don’t leave for tomorrow.
    God bless you

  2. Hi pa, thanks for that. As soon as I get my number I will send you a text message so you have it. I will have it by tomorrow. As i write this Chelsea have just won the league. i hope you are not too upset about it, there is always next season (as I am used to saying!).

  3. Hi pa, my mobile number is 0027788127172. Let me know you have received it. Love you lots.

  4. Hi Pa, didn’t manage to hear you very well on the phone when you called. How is everything back in England? Have you managed to finish that work yet?
    I am trying to make the most of my time here as you have said, these three months will soon be over. Having a great time so far and learning a lot. Missing you!

  5. DRS, 1st June I’ll have a contrato indefinido and I’ll earn 23k (19 and something now)! After holidays I’ll be Literary editor! Not bad, but still waiting for other news. Write soon.

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